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I didn’t expect to see this so early. GM has just released a few pix of the upcoming Equinox EV that will start production in 2023.
It looks quite nice, but also a lot like a Buick for some reason. It also doesn’t appear to be the car in these recent spy shots (HERE). This means there will still be an all-new “regular” Equinox coming out. Probably even before this new EV version.
The big news is the base price of “around $30 000”. Which could be “under $20 000” if GM gets the federal incentives back. Or cheaper than a Nissan Kicks.
And also, quite a bit cheaper than the current Bolt and Bolt EV.
Which this will probably end up replacing. And also, after incentives, this will actually be cheaper than the regular Equinox. I guess things will be strange for a while before the EV transition is completed…
And apparently, they are also planning a larger Blazer EV. The Blazer will even go on sale a few months before this Equinox EV.
Affordable electric cars like this will really be game-changers. Plus, it looks like by the time the “small Tesla” comes out, (if it ever comes out) it will be facing tons of competition. As GM is certainly not the only one preparing affordable and good-looking electric cars. 
This is just great news…


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  1. So, the proce of the Bolt will drop substantially or will be killed off. I would not be surprised if GM does the latter.

  2. The Bolt name was tarnished by the battery issue, it's best to sweep that and the EUV under the rug. They were better off keeping the Volt around for a little while longer. GM is actually using ESTABLISHED names plates for their EVs now, quite the opposite of what they have been doing with their rotating lineup of names over the past few decades.

  3. Arbitrary, finicky, fussy fluff unappealingly applied to a portly body and overly-meaty tires. It's typical GM at this point.

  4. Nice looking although I prefer the body color "grille" insert over the black. If the $30,000 price holds true, it could be time for the Teslarati to short their stock.

    BTW, some outlets report that there will be a smaller Ultium vehicle than this Equinox, presumably a Bolt/Bolt EUV replacement.

  5. It looks okay. It admittedly reminds me of the shape of the Buick Encore GX. I wonder if this is based off the same platform?

  6. The design here looks nice, the problem is that GM always fails in the details. The fit and finish, the quality of the materials and the poor seats. Not to mention the horrible dealer sales/service experience.

  7. Looks good. they should make a hybrid, and resist the temptation to make all-black hard plasticky interiors.

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