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Never heard of the brand or the car. But I was surprised by how nice it looked. At least to me.
Of course, the front end is obviously “inspired” by the Bronco/Bronco Sport. Which makes me think the design would have made a nice Ford EV.
And I do like it much better than the “awkward yet boring” new couple of SUVs from VinFast.
There is something simple about this one. Yet it ends up having a bit of personality. 
Apparently, there will be PHEV and pure EV versions available. 


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  1. Interesting you say Bronco Sport, I was thinking Defender. I own a BS too. The overall design is like a combination of the Defender plus Range Rover/Evoque design.

  2. When i first saw this, I thought it might be Ford putting a new face on the Bronco to make a cush-wagon Ford Flex. ie. less trucklike version with AWD for those not wanting the offroading capability.

  3. Gee whiz, will these people ever stop copying other companies design, the headlights looks like the new Bronco sport. Do they not have any self respect. I guess not since they been still intellectual properties from other US firms.

  4. Okay. Now this is just good. Ford has started a style trend with the Bronco. And a good look, too. I like this crossover very much.

  5. looks kind of cool…. looks a little bit like a Land Rover slept with Ford Bronco Sport… but was also fooling around with Nissan Rogue on the side… just sayin

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