2023 Dodge Hornet: new spy shots…

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Apparently, the 1st and 3rd pic show the all-new Dodge Hornet. Which, if true, would be terrible news.
Not only for Dodge but especially for Alfa-Romeo. As the Dodge seems to look almost exactly the same as the new Tonale. At least from what we can see here. 
Upfront, the hood, and bumper seem revised, slightly. The headlights are almost the same. Even the wheels!
Both interiors seem exactly the same. 
Bad news all around. Just when, finally, Alfa is getting a smaller and less expensive model, Dodge dealers will have the same car for cheaper (Probably a lot cheaper)
This is really sad. Like 1970’s GM and Ford sad. After all these years, we get two clones. 
I do understand the need for saving money. And maybe get your two sporty brands a bit closer. But the two models will be offered in the US. The Alfa is trying to compete with cars like the Audi Q3, BMW X1, etc… Cars that start at around $35 000.
No one spends that much on a small Dodge crossover. It will have to start at almost $10 000 less.
I’m just not sure how that can be done. And what kind of plan they have here. 
Maybe the rest of the design is all different and new? 

Well… No.
The bottom pic is from last year’s Stellantis EV day presentation. Where they showed this compact crossover. Even though this one is obviously a pure EV, it does look a lot like the Tonale above. With a different front end. But the rest of the design is pretty much the Tonale.
It looks a lot like the new small Dodge will be a cheaper Alfa. Or the new Alfa a dressed-up Dodge.
And that in a while, there will be an EV version of these.


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  1. Promising looking front end from that spy shot, but it would look good on a sedan… and not this Tonale rebadge/redesign. I have the same concerns you mentioned. Let's hope it's better than we expect and the rest looks more unique.

  2. Removing that it is nothing more than brand engineering, why would it be bad to sell it as Dodge? As of today, they sell Chargers and Challengers (with old platforms) for $50~80K.

  3. Damn… Carlos Tavares is probably trying to cause riots in Italy for some reason… Good luck with this

  4. explains why the Tonale proportions seemed off compared to the Giulia and the Stelvio. The front overhang/fender is typical for a front-drive car, not something you will see in a performance/luxury brand.

    agree with you that from these pics these two are almost indistinguishable clones.. the steering wheel has the pathetic Dodge // logo…

    this is worse than 1970s GM/Ford, it' more like 70s/80s Dodge/Plymouth — same cars, down to the wheels, the only slight difference being the front grill trim

  5. I haven't seen enough to say if it's good or bad. But I think there is way too much doom and gloom here among people. Wait till we see it and know more about it.

  6. Stupidest take of all time.
    If AR had a dealer network like Dodge Ram or whatever they call themselves these days, you might have a point. They don't. Overall, AR in the US sells about 18,XXX a year. There's a heck of lot of dealers that have a Dodge Ram sign on their buildings that are a long, long way away from a AR dealer.

    I have a AR dealer relatively close to me (30 miles). I see maybe 1 or 2 of that brand a month. I quickly count 3 Dodge dealerships within a 10 miles radius.

    Using you as any kind of brand manager would be the kiss of death for the brand.

    Your 'takes' are hilarious.

  7. I have to agree with the Anon above me. 99% of people don't even realize their Lexus is the same as a Toyota, or their Audi is a Volkswagen, etc, etc. With so few Alfa's around, no one will know.

    Heck, no one even cared when all the Chrysler's were rebadged as Dodge's, and Plymouth's. You had Caravan's, Neon's, Breeze, Intrepid, etc.

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