2023 Mercedes GLC: new pix…

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These new photos of the 2023 Mercedes GLC show us a little bit more. And of course, the more we will see the more it will look like a cross between the current version and the new C-Class wagon.
Which is what the GLC is anyway.
Especially inside, where it is pretty much exactly like the C-Class. As usual.
And that’s not a bad thing since the new C-Class interior seems pretty upscale, to begin with .
Let’s hope Mercedes finally brings a PHEV version over here too.

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  1. Interior is great. But just looking at what many of the mainstream makers such as KIA, Hyundai, Peugeot, Renault etc are doing in both interior and exterior designs it feels odd that Mercedes and Audi are stuck with mere evolutions of existing, and tired, designs. Surely they can afford to shake things up if much less profitable brands are, especially with their EVs

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