2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid: differences…

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It seems Toyota is selling different versions of the new Corolla Cross Hybrid around the globe.
The white car in the 2nd pic is the South African version. While you can see the Chinese model in other photos.
The Hybrid is coming to the US in October We will probably be getting the one that is similar to the South African market model. Which means it’ll look the same as the regular Corolla Cross.
As you can see, in both versions, the rear seat doesn’t fold flat at all. I guess this is to make room for batteries.
This is really strange since other hybrids these days don’t have that packaging problem at all. Except for eh Jeep Ranger 4XE which is a PHEV with a larger battery.
I just wonder if this will be fixed for the US version.


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  1. Toyota continues to perplex me. This Corolla Cross will have two different rear suspensions: torsion beam and multilink, depending on whether or not you get AWD. Why would anyone want a torsion beam in this size car? and Why would anyone select a car with such a huge battery intrusion into the interior space. Honda learned BOTH of these lessons the hard way: batteries in the early Accord hybrids eating the trunk and the twist beam in the HRV (- converted to the Civic and multilink by all rumors for the US market. But here's Toyota doubling down on failure. I dont get it.

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