2023 BMW 7 series/i7 teasers: Ghastly!!!

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We all knew a scary-looking new BMW 7 series was coming for 2023. Now we get to see a little bit of it. 
And it will make the current one look like a runway model. The grille appears as big as previously feared. And the interior seems inspired by the horrible iX EV. I sat in the i8 and personally think it is even worse in real life than in photos.
the gold/rose trim everywhere. The weird shapes. The “glass effect finish”. All the vulgarity of the iX will show in full force in the new 7 series. they even added a ridiculous giant screen for the rear passengers. Which means the car has been engineered from the start to be a chauffeur-driven device. A far cry from “the ultimate driving machine”.
And yet, with all that stuff, it will still look like a cheap carnival ride next to something truly modern like the new Lucid Air. Resembling an overdone huge sedan from a Chinese brand.


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  1. It's interesting how all the German luxury brands have gone in completely different ways. Audi is usually forgettable, but that New concept looks great. Mercedes has gone with a sleek and forgettable look that sort of already looks outdated. And BMW is going in the wrong direction completely, aiming for hideous Chinese knockoff style designs.

  2. it dawned on me I had seen this look before… it's the Nissan Rogue. Change the trapezoidal Nissan grille for the double-kidney and you're 90% there.


    shocking to me how far BMW was moved away from "The Ultimate Driving Machine" to whatever it is they stand for nowadays. Most people I know who drive these cars lease them. Few know anything about the cars or driving, it's all about being able to say "I drive a BMW"… this is not a good long-term strategy.

    One note about the huge, cinema-like, screen. Pathetic! What does that say about society? We need our screen time so badly? Rich people have bigger screens? What the heck are they using the screens for while being driven, what are they watching? and, from a practical, PHYSICS side… what happens in an accident? Faceplant into that screen?

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