2023 Honda HR-V: one last spy shot…

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Since we will be seeing the real thing on April 4th (and maybe even before), the top photo is probably the last camouflaged prototype we will see of the 2023 Honda HR-V for North America.
(The bottom pic is part on my post from last year)
As we already know, the US HR-V is larger than the one that came out last year in Europe and japan. And is probably more related to the Civic than the smaller Fit.
The new photo shows a bit of the screen. Which, so far, looks a lot like the one in the Civic (And Euro HR-V)
We’ll see…


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  1. While it even looks conservative in the camo, there is no doubt this will be a huge improvement over the current HRV. Especially if it is based off the Civic platform. The size increase will make for a much more versatile sub-compact SUV.

  2. Gosh, I sure do miss sedans. Everything nowadays CUVs and SUVs. They are so boring in comparison.

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