Chevrolet Equinox EV: new teaser video…

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This is actually quite amazing. As it loos as good as the photo teasers we saw last year.
And again, something that is supposed to start at under $30 000 before incentives.
Which will be a few thousand less than the Chevrolet Bolt (which will probably be discontinued by the time this comes out)
Depending on the EV range offered by GM, something like this could even compete with more expensive EVs. And actually, be cheaper than many ICE alternatives if GM gets the incentives back. I think this could end up being a very big deal…

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  1. It really looks amazing and thoroughly modern. If true about the cost, Chevrolet won't be able to keep them in stock. Excited to see more of this.

  2. Totally agree. This seemed (surprisingly) easy for Chevy to pull off, from both a design and price-point perspective

  3. I remember all the media publications saying how such a big deal with the Chevy Bolt was. They never took off. Nor did the Volt. Too expensive and odd styling. Maybe this will win some hearts.

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