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Buick had shown black and white graphics of their new logo a few days ago. And here it is already on a new model.

I think it just looks a bit weird. It doesn’t really say anything at all. Not sure why the shields are now in a row. Maybe if they were closer it could work better?  This doesn’t say “Buick” at all to me. It looks like a new logo from some new unknown company…

As for the new model itself, who knows. It’s probably some Chinese market only EV. Or maybe the upcoming all-new Electra. That would be nice…


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  1. Vince – I'm not sure what bothers you about the redesign. The only thing that changed is that the tri-symbols are now all on the same horizontal plane. (The old logo had them cascading "uphill" from left to right).

    The old logo didn't use the word "Buick" either. (It was just the tri-symbols art).

    I personally think it's a very minor facelift. They pretty much kept the same classic design.

  2. You're right. I'm not sure why I don't like it exactly. It just feels "loose". Unconnected. I guess most logos have a design surrounded by a circle or oval line. Something. This is just 3 elements floating around. It just looks weird to me. Or maybe I'm just not used to it yet…

  3. I dont think the new logo is that different. But it does look a little less premium… like its made from black plastic, instead of chromed plastic. Now, having said that… the old logo always looked to me ike it was for a company selling mens razors.

  4. This new logo has no inspiration and just seems static. The old logo which was diagonal represented being on the rise. Such as Buick being on the rise, even if it wasn't. The old one had more emotion and somewhat of an animated design to it while the new one is static, flat, and evokes no emotion.

  5. The NEW LOGO looks more modern and less Granny and Grandpa-ish!
    Buick has knocked it out the park with this new emblem for a new generation. I’m 54 years old and I’m happy Buick moved forward and past the past of lumbering looking vehicles. I can wait until I can purchase the new logo and replace my 2021 Envision Avenir logo.
    Woooo hooooooo!

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