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The biggest EV news from Stellantis in the US will be the electric version of the RAM 1500 pick-up.
Which will of course compete with the already unveiled Ford F-150 EV and the Chevrolet Silverado EV.
The 2024 on-sale date is pretty far away, and behind its competition.  Ford which will go on sale soon. But that they already have around 200 000 orders and production is only about 150 000 a year. I can only imagine the waiting list and dealer markups on this…
The Silverado EV will begin production about a year from now. 
And Tesla has already said they will have no new model coming out in 2022. So that Cybertruck is also at least a year away.
The RAM might be last, but from these teaser sketches, it could end up being the best looking of them all.

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  1. I am real curious what Ram does. I wish they had a Maverick sized and priced competitor too.

    Ram has been the definitive truck you can buy the past several years. I am excited to see what else they can improve and innovate.

  2. No doubt the Ram 1500 is class leading. Ram needs a Dakota midsize and a compact to be a full lineup truck brand. Maybe eventually redo the commercial vans to be less ugly. The EV Ran is cool and all, but I would prefer seeing the midsize and compact.

    If Ram gets the EV successful at least, they can hopefully implement it in a midsize and compact truck too.

  3. Those sketches never cease to amaze me. Lol, like any Ram is going to look anything near that exaggerated illustration.

  4. Based on that Stellantis EV day last year, the EV Ram was smaller then the 1500 in all the promotional material they showed. It was blacked out, but still have us a size comparo.

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