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It looks like the base Integra is about $ 3000 more than a similarly equipped (or close) Honda Civic EL-X hatchback. Although the Honda does come with leather.
The base Integra is about $1000 more than the top-of-the-line Touring hatchback. But the Honda does come standard with a great 12 speaker Bose system not available in the Acura.
Acura’s fantastic 16 speakers setup is only available with the Tech Package. At almost $36 000.
The new Integra isn’t cheap. But it’s an Acura, not a Honda. Although a lot of its interior is lifted from the Honda and materials are probably not that much better.
The killer is the CVT. Honda’s great 6-speed manual is only available as a no-cost option on the top-of-the-line model. Which seems too bad, until reality sets in. Which means almost no one will actually order the manual anyway. And it will probably be available only for a couple of years due to poor sales.
This car really needed the 10-speed auto from the Accord. Unless they worked wonders with the CVT, I can’t see this driving much nicer than the Civic Turbo. Where most of the Turbo’s extra power is ruined by the CVT anyway…


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  1. In terms of the pricing, I dont see this as much of a price jump from the Civic Sport Touring Hatch. So I'm not surprised by the loss of some features going from the trop-trim Civic to the lowest-trim Integra. An Acura salesman on TOV mentioned that the Civic's leather is pretty low quality, and the Acura syntex is pretty high quality. I'm not sure much is lost there.

    Now, having said that, I expect the devil will be in the details. They may sell few MT's after the first year or two. But a lot of that has to do with the ordering system they set up. After pre-orders for the MTs are fulfilled, dealers are likely to go back to their lazy ways, where they just dont want a MT sitting on the lot. Most have forgotten how to sell these cars and just want to stock what is most popular instead of seeing it as an opportunity to bring in people who love to drive to the brand,… and then sell them a more expensive car later too. Its like Acura lost the original concept because dealers can't handle it.

    So, do you think most will ante up for the A-Spec trims and therefore Acura will only build those to any appreciable degree? That's what happened with the ILX. I personally hate the "lets add more black" idea. I think its largely over, and Acura is just late to the game… as always. I like the look of the lowest trim level without all the tacky black accents. If I end up buying an A-spec, you can be damn sure its gonna get new wheels and the spoilers painted body color.

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