2023 BMW 7 series: a very Chinese German sedan…

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The new BMW 7 series actually reminds me of these huge and obnoxious luxury Chinese sedans. Especially the Hongqi H9. And especially with its $12 000 two-tone option, of course.
As you can see, they both have grilles that are as big as they can be. I have to say, even though these 2 tone paint jobs are pretty horrible, it seems to work a little bit better on the Hongqi design. 
(that rear view of the poor BMWis just horrible)
And both of these look old. Especially the BMW that just came out.
It seems BMW is chasing after the Chinese market so bad it turned the 7 series into a Chinese car. 
As someone mentioned in the comments earlier, it will be interesting to see how the new 7 will do against the S-Class and even the aging Audi A8.
Here are the numbers for last year:
– BMW 7 series: 7705
– Mercedes S-Class: 14 282
– Audi A8: 2069
– Lexus LS: 3739
– Genesis G90: 1821
– Tesla Model S: 11 556
Quite interesting numbers. Obviously, the S-Class is all new and benefits from all that press coverage and the new car launch budget. The Genesis will be all-new very soon. Which might help it a lot. 
It is quite amazing for Tesla to still be selling over 10 000 units a year of a 10-year-old design. Which really shows how powerful that brand can be, no matter what. 
Although as of last year, the Model S was the only EV choice in the segment. It will be interesting to see numbers once the Mercedes EQS, G90EV, i7 and more upcoming luxury EVs become more available.


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  1. Don't be a racist and think this color combo is a Chinese car idea.
    The Europeans have done this for a long time.

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