2023 Subaru Outback: new face…

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The Subaru Outback is getting a new face for 2023. And it does look odd, at first. That vertical black trim under the headlights seems quite strange. Especially since it is in addition to an already very busy looking front end with already tons of black plastic (The usual for Subaru)
Maybe it works better in real life?
And maybe it ties it up visually to the new Soltera EV, with its black plastic fenders.
I wonder if this is a Subaru trend we will see in their next models. Like the redesigned 2023 Crosstrek.
(It doesn’t seem so by looking at earlier spy shots and video)


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  1. No one knows how to slap on some ugly like Subaru. But I probably wasn't going to ever buy on anyways. They get terrible gas mileage.

  2. I like it! It's not a lumpy or massive as the black plastic in the pre-facelift version. It's sharper and more detailed…so that for me offsets all that black plastic. I feel like this is what the Wilderness version should have looked like.

  3. You know I was thinking of purchasing a 2023 Outback until I was at the dealership and saw the hideous new front end. Really guys? How could you?
    You are out of control with the black plastic. So sad.

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