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Apparently, the Volvo XC90 successor might be named Embla. 
Not only a weird name but also a strange idea. Why would you replace the XC90 name that has been quite popular for 2 generations? Is the rest of the lineup switching to names too?
The illustrations above obviously show what an electric version would look like. This new SUV (XC90 or not) is rumored to be offered in both EV and ICE versions. At least for a while.
There is also a rumor about the current XC90 still being offered alongside the new model for a few years.
Who knows…

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  1. Yes, Vince, the entire brand is switching away from alphanumeric names, starting with the XC90 replacement. Volvo announced this a while ago. Embla has special significance: it was the name of the first woman in Norse mythology (much like Eve was in Christianity). So no, it’s not “weird.” Some quick research would’ve answered all your questions.

  2. Why can't we post anonymously anymore? I saw a topic on Reddit with people sorrowful they can't post anonymously anymore, saying this was one of the great last bastions anyone could comment their two cents. So I came here to find out why. It would be nice since there is no way to actually contact you or send you feedback. Thanks for your time, have enjoyed the site for years, but I also only commented anonymously and won't log in in the future to comment.

  3. About the comments.

    For a few months, some comments became quite unacceptable.
    I had grown tired of waking up to racist, insulting, and even threatening statements.
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    I am sure things will be better soon.

  4. Thank you for the answer, Mr. Burlapp. I think many assumed that was going on, but we hoped not. It is unfortunate indeed people have to act that way. Well, I just wanted to say I appreciated you responding and I have enjoyed your site for years. You probably won't see me log on anymore to comment, but just keep doing what you enjoy! Cheers, thanks, and if anonymous commenting ever comes back, I will be the first to post!

  5. Thank you for the answer, Vince. Sorry to hear that. I've had random threats on a site I run, but I just ignore them. Hopefully this works for you. I will miss commenting but I fully understand. I will pass this along to the people at Reddit wondering what happened to their fav auto blog. Cheers and have a good week!

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