2023 BMW XM: production Vs. concept…

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These are new almost uncovered photos of the upcoming 2023 BMW XM.
Although some journalists have already driven it, it will not be available before next year.
When compared to the ghastly concept we saw a few months ago, I think the production version looks 100 times better.
Sure, there’s that huge almost cartoony grille…
 But it seems a lot better looking here than on the horrific 2023 7 series sedan.
Maybe because the SUV sits higher?
Sure, that gold trim… 
Which might just be a color choice. Other trim/color combos are probably available.
The interior also seems 100% different from the concept. Another good thing since the concept interior looks more at home in a 1990s Hummer. Or a Science Fiction movie prop from the same era.
So far, the whole thing looks a lot cleaner than the concept. Everywhere. It feels like a few adults broke into the design department and sent the previous designers back to the juvenile hall and took back control of the project.
Which is good news.
A giant new BMW SUV isn’t going to look subtle anymore. This could have been much worse.
So far, I almost “kinda” like it…
Power will come from a PHEV with a 4.4 Liter V8 with 30 miles of electric-only range. 


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  1. I agree, the production version looks much better even though many of the concept's design features have been retained.

    The real thing feels a lot less forced. I'll give it a B+ (allowing for the fact it's yet another damn SUV).

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