2023 Buick GL-8: teaser and parts…

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More news about the next-generation Buick GL-8 minivan for the Chinese market.
First, we have an official teaser. Showing a very futuristic and upscale new Buick.
Then, a series of weird photos from China. Showing a bunch of parts from a prototype. Which, of course, matches the patent designs I just posted earlier, and the teaser above.
We also get to see a bit of the interior. Which seems as futuristic and upscale as the exterior.
This will be one really cool-looking Buick…


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  1. Cool, so you can’t post any of the concept photos for reference? After they were given to you? Lol

  2. I truly wonder if that screen is just the Lyriq screen flipped upside down. Not mad about it just seems like it might be…bet this also previews Buick’s new EV interior

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