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Kia has made a few changes to the Soul for 2023.
Generally, these small changes seem to give it a more refined look. 
What is gone is also the X-Line and Turbo models. Simplifying the lineup by a lot. And bringing it back a bit closer to what the original generation was. 
I am not sure these are actually improving the look of the Soul. I also thought the X-Line looked pretty cool. I guess no one else did.
Too bad they could bring back the big panoramic roof option from the previous generation. 
I think this could very well be the last Soul with an engine. In about 2 or 3 years, it seems Kia will be ready to replace it with a small EV. 


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  1. Do you get the EV model in the USA? Here in the UK the Soul is only sold as an EV since this generation came out; don't think I've ever seen one on the roads.

  2. Not anymore.
    The previous generation used to be available as an EV over here. But not this one…

  3. Maybe they thought the Niro would cannibalize sales… here the Soul EV is actually more money than the Niro!

  4. Other than the Jeep Cherokee, is this the first vehicle to go back to regular headlights after falling into the two-tier DRL-over-headlights fad? Hopefully it's not the last.

  5. Dropping the more powerful engine and higher-end trim levels means they are repositioning Soul to entry-level status, perhaps the Rio won't be returning next year.

  6. Pretty sure if the current Soul EV finally makes it to the States it will get a heavy front and rear restyle and be called the EV4. Or they'll wait for the next generation to rebrand it.

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