2023 Range Rover Sport: 1st official photos…

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Obviously, the new 2023 Range Rover Sport looks a lot like a shorter 2022 Range Rover. 

Which is fine since the new Range Rover looks great. And instantly recognizable, like a Porsche 911 or a Jeep Wrangler.

Although now, I’m afraid the new Sport looks a lot like the Range Rover Velar. Which is actually much cheaper. And also great looking. 

Just like the Velar and Range Rover, the new Sport looks a lot cleaner and simpler. The new interior is a lot like the new Range Rover as well. Except for a new console design and steering wheel.

And of course, it will be a 5-seater with no 3rd row available. 

I sat in the new Range Rover and it is a fantastic looking luxury SUV in person. But so is the Velar. With this new competition from a much cheaper model, I’m not really sure who the new Sport is for? Except for current owners who want to trade in for the new model. 

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  1. This is one of the few manufacturers that can make a new generation model without much change to the greenhouse and still look like a next generation.

  2. Kia tried that with the 2011 and 2016 Sportage keeping the same greenhouse only to change the greenhouse for the.2022 model year. So then you ask yourself, "why didn't they just change the so called 4th generation Sportage greenhouse just to later change the greenhouse for the latest sportage anyway?"

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