2024 Honda Prologue: first look…

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 Honda announced their first EV for the US last year, called the Prologue.

Today we get to see it for the first time. At least as a computer illustration. The Prologue is actually based on GM’s Ultium platform and will be built by GM. An Acura version will follow.

A couple of years later Honda will be ready to use its own electric platform. 

So far it looks a lot like the new Mazda CX-50. At least the profile. The whole thing seems clean and anonymous. As you could basically put any badge from any brand in the world on that front end…

And yes, it is still over a year away…

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  1. Let's be real – Honda needs this. Bad. Even if it ends up being fairly anonymous. As long as it has good range, fast charging and access, and typical Honda attributes – it should be a winner. But I'm actually expecting it will look somewhat like a cleaned up HRV (the new US model that hasn't hit dealerships yet).

  2. So this is basically the same vehicle as the Blazer EV scheduled to arrive around the same time, and a Honda version of the Equinox EV will then follow. Wonder if they'll use the Insight name for that one (since they've already used it on a 2-seater, a hatchback and a sedan.. why not an SUV)?

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