Honda ZR-V: a better HR-V…

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 Our 2023 Honda HR-V will be sold in China (and maybe some other markets) as the ZR-V.

And you can already see it will be a bit better than ours. At least it will have a much larger sunroof option. Something Honda seems to be against offering in the US for some odd reason. These large sunroofs are available in China on the Accord sedan. And in Europe on the CR-V.

I also bet this ZR-V will be available with a hybrid option. Something that, again, Honda has been very slow to offer in the US. The 2023 HR-V will not have a hybrid version in the US.

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  1. Wow. I think you're SPOT ON with this post, and it highlights probably the most significant problem of the organization in NA, but also in general for Honda – stiff necks.

    Honda does a lot of great things. But sometimes, it gets rationalized. Like not bringing the hybrid to the US because they already meet CAFE requirements without it AND they believe Americans don't want to pay for the premium of hybrid systems and are the fleet leader in MPG for full-line manufacturers. I wonder if that thought has changed any over the last couple months (but it was too late to alter the spec list). Maybe in 2024. I was actually hoping for something like THIS or maybe the Civic Hatch hybrid/Acura Integra hybrid (which doesn't exist) in the US. Sigh. Like their infotainment systems… they rationalize the idea of getting to market first as getting there with flaws and problems – which is very unHonda. Except they're already in that boat.

  2. The Pilot has had a Pano roof on it's Elite trim since 2016 Vince. However, I do think that is the only Honda model that receives one.

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