2023 Cadillac XT-4: mid-cycle revisions…

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The Cadillac XT-4 is getting some pretty substantial revisions for the next year. With all-new front and rear ends. 
And a heavily revised interior with an Escalade-inspired dashboard with a fantastic curved screen. Also similar to the Lyriq.
I test drove the XT-4 a while ago and thought it was a very nice compact SUV. The design was fine and the interior was of high quality, but seriously lacking in the personality department. It’s just nothing that special.
If the interior ends up similar to the Escalade, this could instantly become best-in-class. The material quality is already there. This could be a big improvement for the little Cadillac.
So far, sales have been very disappointing and shrinking every single year. From over 31 000 in 2019 to 11 579 last year.
Which is less than a third of the Audi Q3 sales in 2021. (The BMW X1 sold over 18 000 units last year)
I really hope the revisions are good enough to help that little guy…
This also means the Cadillac patent designs we saw just yesterday are not the XT-4.
I have now heard that model is called the “GT-4”. Which makes no sense… Unless it’s some sort of a wagon based on the CT-4? 

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  1. It needs the 2.7T engine and a non-black-dominated interior, but instead they're removing more tire sidewall.

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