2023 Dodge Hornet: WTF???

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We’ve mentioned the upcoming Dodge Hornet here before.
But the more spy shots we see the worse it gets. It will actually be an almost complete clone of the new Alfa Romeo Tonale. It’s too late for the “it could be a test mule” excuse.
This is it.
A Tonale with a barely redesigned front end. While the rear end looks the same. Even the tail lights!
We’ve also seen the interior a few months ago. Same story inside.
The obvious reason is money, of course. But the long-term damage to both brands will be costly. Who in the first place would get the more expensive Tonale. Except for a few Alfa super fans in the US?
The Dodge will also appeal to anyone who knows nothing about the Tonale I guess.
How many people can that be in total?
I mean even the wheels are the exact same.
This could go down in history…

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  1. I thought we were past this type of lazy badge engineering (except for Toyota/Subaru). Perhaps the Dodge will get different wheels and/or different powertrain options.

    I've always thought Dodge and Alfa could be complimentary brands, sharing a similar sporting DNA. But this is a bit too much sharing.

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