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As expected, the new larger HR-V for 2023 is more expensive than the current model, by almost $2000.
Sure, it has a slightly larger 2.0 Liter engine. But since it’s quite a bit larger and heavier, it probably isn’t faster at all. But it is thirstier. The new MPG numbers for the 2023 version are actually worse around town than the larger CR-V. (And about the same on the HWY)

The design and the weird small grille haven’t grown on me yet.
Since it is now basically a Civic SUV the interior is of course pretty similar. Although Honda-designed new doors and center console.
The dark grey seats on the Sport model look good. Although black seems to be the only interior color in almost all versions.
I think the ECX-L might be available in a light grey. With only one or two exterior colors. A very bad trend. (Same problem with the new Mazda CX-50)
On a side note, the best stereo available is Honda’s 8 speaker system in the EX-L..Unlike the excellent Bose unit in the Civic Touring.
Which is, by the way, about the same price as the 2023 HR-V EX-L. 


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  1. Any word from Honda on whether they're going to put a hybrid drivetrain in this? Toyota just launched their CorollaCross Hybrid – a direct competitor to this new HRV.

  2. The only thing they've mentioned so far is a "new CR-V Hybrid" and "Accord Hybrid" coming this year. And a "Civic Hybrid later". Which probably means the 2024 model year. But zero mention of the HR-V hybrid, even though the European version is already on sale (and hybrid-only)

    Good luck to them…

  3. Its almost guaranteed (based on this HRV and the Civic) that the next CRV prices will go up to start just under $30k for their LX trim. No reason Honda couldn't produce a HRV Touring hybrid-AWD only with all the stuff from the ZRV that is missing in the North Am HRV trims. For 3500 more over the EXL, I'd buy that.

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