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This all-new Peugeot 408 is closely related to the Citroen C5 X we saw last year. The Peugeot has its own design and interior with a much more angular look.

It is still not a super clean-looking design, but for some reason, I do like it. It also reminds me a lot of these 2023 Toyota Crown patent drawings we just saw.  Which means a lot of car manufacturers think this is the shape of things to come. These aren’t “SUV Coupes”. But raised mid-sized sedan hatchbacks. Maybe the Honda Crosstour was way ahead of its time after all?

The 408 is based on Stellantis’ current platform. Not the upcoming STLA. While Peugeot says an EV version is coming later, the 408 will be available as a PHEV at launch (on top of regular ICE versions)

The current platform only allows these PHEV models to get around 35 miles of EV range in the Euro Cycle. So not that much at all. And it probably doesn’t charge that fast either. I’m afraid this will really be seen as “old tech” in a year or two when the new platform comes out.

Still. It does look interesting. And again, that general look is coming to the US with the next Toyota Crown.


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  1. I like this. Peugeot always does interesting things, unlike Renault. Personally, I dont want another SUV. I'm sick of them. But it would be nice if I didn't have to get into a regular car (like an Accord) and have it be a contorsion exercise. Raise the roof a bit, and the seat height – a bit. Bring us HYBRIDS please. The Crosstour was ahead, but it also had a lot of problems in its bloated design and way-behind interior technology compared to cars of the same era. This 408 seems right sized.

  2. This is gorgeous, Peugeot nailed it. Would love for this to be available in Canada, I would be first in line to order one.

  3. Isn't this the "white space" Ford thinks it's entering with the Fusion Active? If it ever even comes here??

    To me these make no sense. You take the utility out of the utility vehicle, but then charge more because it's sporty.

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