2023 Subaru Ascent: not an improvement…

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This is the revised front end of the Subaru Ascent for 2023.
And it is exactly the opposite of an improvement. I mean, just look at this mess.
Instead of cleaning things up, they just added more crap to it. And that grille is larger than ever.
This is just a terrible update. And also sad. Showing one more time how impossible it is for Subaru to come up with an attractive, classy, and modern design.

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  1. This is the most dullest looking SUV in its class. You can drive past it and not notice it. It's also the most boring looking Subaru. It's like in R&D they focused more on size and forgot about design. A midsize premium bore.

  2. They're obviously copying the Toyota Highlander with that front end. Apparently working together with them on the EV was not a good thing. 😂

  3. Omagerd – that's going to scare horses and small children. I'm very glad these aren't sold in my part of the world.

  4. It was dull but inoffensive before (my neighbor has one. he's also dull but inoffensive). Since it now looks like it would mow lawns, I wish he'd buy this and cut his grass more often instead of letting it look like the only house in the neighborhood that isn't occupied. Maybe Subie will make a Wilderness version, and he can also trim his bushes.

  5. What is that ridiculous pipe running across the bottom of the doors? Designed by children, the 2023 looks like a pickup, but the 2022 is ugly, too, just less so. I’ll stick with my Tribeca until it dies.

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