2023 Toyota BZ Sedan: new spy shots…

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These are new spy shots of the upcoming electric Toyota sedan. Probably called “BZ something”. Like BZ3?
I guess the X in Bz4X means AWD? Who really knows. (It’s a secret only equaled by Coca Cola’s secret formula)
We have seen it before, but we now get an even better look at its interior. The dashboard is still covered up but the rest of the interior is pretty visible. And reminiscent of the Bz4X SUV.
Since this will be a bit lighter and more aerodynamic, it should get a longer range than the Bz4x. Which tops at 252 miles for the FWD model. 
Something over 270/280 miles would match the base version of the Tesla Model 3. And would make the Toyota sedan very competitive.
It’ll be interesting to see how it ends up being marketed. So far it seems it’ll probably be cheaper than the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 6. Since the Hyundai will be positioned above the “already not cheap” Ioniq 5…

A “near 300 miles” EV affordable EV sedan from Toyota could be very popular in many countries. 


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  1. VW: We want the award for worst electric car line name. We'll call every model "ID". Because it sounds like IUD, or some s**t.

    Toyota: Hold my beer (bZ).

    Me: I guess B.O. was taken already.
    I mean really… those tacky black plastic body panels. No.

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