2023 VW ID.Aero: new photos…

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 As you can see in these new photos, the upcoming VW ID. Aero is basically a sedan version of the 2019 ID Space Vizzion wagon concept.

A nice-looking sedan, but after 3 years, the basic design is actually pretty conservative. It looks like something that could have been out for a few years already. The wagon version would still look a bit more modern IMO.

I guess this will appeal to sedan buyers who want an EV without showing off. Which is fine. And will probably be quite popular. This will not only compete directly with the Tesla Model 3. But also the upcoming (and more polarizing) Hyundai Ioniq 6 sedan.

The ID.Aero will be sold in China first but is also scheduled for the US and Europe. 

More info and pix very, very soon.

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