2023/24 Chevrolet Equinox: new spy shots…

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We have seen this prototype under more camouflage a few months ago. These new pix show a lot more. And how sleek the next-generation Equinox will look.
I do like the current generation. With its very refined and efficient powertrain. But the design did age quite a bit since it came out back in 2017.
This will do battle with the current competition like the Toyota RAV-4, Nissan Rogue, Kia Sportage, etc…
But also with a next-generation Honda CR-V coming soon.
The segment is now filled with a great contenders. 

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  1. If GM wants to win this game, they better make sure they have a multi-level approach to electrification: BEVs, but also hybrids and PHEVs and gas-only. Just limit what's available on which vehicles. Ford might sell the Lightning F150 as a BEV, but they wont sell many. They were smart to make the Maverick hybrid. Us FLY-OVER STATE people have big distances to cover and BEVs aren't always a real option. The only ones that buy Rivians or Lightnings here are the fancy pants'ed real estate developers (who dont really go far from civilization). The rest are farmers, farm services(huge), and rural communities – and they wouldnt be caught dead in those.

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