2023/24 Kia Seltos: early mid-cycle refresh…

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Just in time to compete with the new, larger Honda HR-V, the Kia Seltos is getting some changes.
I’ve always thought the front end was way too busy for a small crossover. Unfortunately, the new one, while different, doesn’t really seem much better. There’s still a lot going on.
The rear end has also been modified. With lights that try very hard to make the whole thing more angular. I just think it ends up looking cheaper than before.
It’s a different story inside. Where the revised interior seems much better. With a very well-integrated double screen instead of the “thick iPad stuck on a dashboard” look of the previous version. 
This is a very nice update.
Unfortunately, the exterior now looks a bit older than the previous version At least to me. 
It still will not stand out among the many HR-Vs and Corolla Cross out there. 

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  1. i like the current Seltos exterior and the refresh is subtle . Which is fine.
    The biggest improvement would be to the interior. Not that i think it looks horrible, just to grey/colorless .
    – the tan colored inserts on the dash, door panels and tan leather seats give it some pop ( altho it may be only for the higher end trims). I even like the new dashboard gauges with the flat screen.
    One thing i'm not a fan of is a rotary dial for the automatic shifter. I prefer the traditional automatic shift lever, but to each their own.
    Very nice refresh overall.
    Any idea if the powertrain will see a horsepower boost or a plug in variant?

  2. not bad but not hopeful for these. I tried to find one for my kid, there were only 2 of them in a 50mi radius. one dealer had both.. got to the dealership, the MSRP of the SX was $27K and the dealer was asking another $20K for "market adjustment"… yep, they were asking $47K for this SUV

    as an aside:
    have not seen any Corolla Cross in CT and none of the dealers have this car in their inventory.

  3. These dealer quotes are insane. I friend of mine was looking at a Nissan Kicks last year. Also priced at over $45 000.

    As for more power or PHEV. I doubt it. It seems almost all their R&D money is going to EVs right now…
    Although a PHEV would be great.

  4. The interior is an improvement in some ways, not in others. The exterior changes are horrible. I wouldn't even buy a Sorento for $47K, much less a Seltos.

  5. The interior is the only improvement. The exterior is a downgrade. Amd now is looks like it lost ground clearance at the front.

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