2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV: new pic…

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So far, this is looking pretty good. Especially in the promo video teaser.
Even though, when you think of it, the profile looks a lot like the Buick Encore GS.
Of course, the model pictured above is not the base $30 000 version. ( I think the colored front end in the video looks much better anyway)
Still. At $30 000 plus local state incentives, this could actually start at around $26 000 for most people. Competing with regular ICE models like the new Honda HR-V and many others.
This new electric Equinox could be a very important step to EV adoption. 
(Thanks to a reader for the photo!)

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  1. Beautiful….except for those pop out door handles. Just give me regular door handles please. Just cuz it's an EV doesn't mean you have to make it weird.

  2. At least ten times better looking than any Equinox before it, and maybe twenty times better looking than the upcoming Blazer EV. Shame that Equinox drivers are among the worst of any on the road.

  3. It looks really stretched out for some reason. I am willing to bet it has some rediculous rear legroom, and interior volume.

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