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So cool and refreshing to see a new concept that isn’t an SUV. Especially a cool retro-futuristic design like this new Buick Wildcat EV Coupe.
A great job from the designers. There are so many nice details here. And lots of satin chrome trim that works perfectly for a modern Buick.
The new logo also looks great!
And look, the screen is high enough and yet, integrated into the dashboard design. Yes, it can be done!
This reminds me of older concepts from a few decades ago. And actually, some of these amazing concepts from Chrysler in the 1990s.
Of course, there is no production plan for a “large yet not that roomy” high-end electric coupe from Buick. 
What will be produced is the upcoming 2024 Electra X crossover. Let’s just hope it keeps some of the nice design cues from this amazing design.


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  1. We definitely aren't on the same page with this one. There isn't much here that is pleasing to my eye at all.

  2. That is gorgeous! Would have thought it was an Acura/Honda NSX concept from the back. Just looks more Honda to me. I hope this type of vehicle could come out in production but what are the odds? I know Buick is somehow very popular in China but are such coupes viable?

  3. Gromit said…
    The styling would be more balanced if the rear axle was moved forward 6-8 inches.

    Gotta have room for the batteries.

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