Cadillac Celestiq: teaser video…

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The new Cadillac Celestiq video teaser does include some stuff we’ve seen before. Like the final top view.
Otherwise, it keeps things pretty obscure. Since you know, it’s just a teaser…
The front-end shot at the beginning looks great. But when compared to the Lyriq, it seems very, very similar.
It’s even worst from the top.
The 3rd pic is from the video while the 4th one is the Lyriq. And they basically look the same. 
Except that, yes, proportions up front seem a bit different. But the rear end looks exactly the same. At least from these.
I just hope the Celestiq isn’t just a sedan version of the Lyriq. That would be really lazy from GM. Especially for a flagship sedan.
There must be some mistake officer!

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  1. Nicely done teaser. Presents the new product as groundbreaking and significant.

    And makes me want to see more.

    Well done, Cadillac!

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