Honda Prologue and Chevrolet Blazer EV:

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We all know the upcoming Honda Prologue EV will use GM’s Ultium platform and batteries. 
The 2 electric crossovers will of course be very closely related. And it is quite obvious when comparing the new Blazer EV official photo and the “exaggerated” sketch from Honda.
The A-pillars are the same. The flat hood shape is similar. The body panels are of course different. ( I wonder how different interiors will be). But you really can tell they are closely related.
This means they will compete against each other. Which is kind of weird. Although the EV6 does compete with the Ioniq 5. 
The Buick Electra will be the 3rd cousin. Probably a bit more expensive.

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  1. I guess they didn't have enough time to design them to be as different as possible if they want them to debut sooner rather than later.

  2. That's exactly the question – and its really only a problem for Honda, not GM. Because its Honda rep on the line. GM kinda lost that war a long time ago. Can Honda keep its Honda-ness (their drive feel is unique, as are their interiors – you can always immediately tell when you're in a Honda). But if you notice, even the side mirrors seem very similar. Lets hope Honda didn't go too far in parts sharing, since they're built together. Waiting to see.

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