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Polestar almost showed us everything.
We get another to see the upcoming Polestar 3 SUB from the rear. And it still looks great. Which should compete with the Tesla Model Y I guess. And probably the Audi e-Tron Q4?
The Polestar 3 will be unveiled in October. With production starting in the US in early 2023. 
The Polestar 4 is still covered up, and it’s hard to see what it really is. So far, it does look like a “coupe” version of the Polestar 3. 
The Polestar 4 will be launched in 2023.
We have also the first official photo of the Polestar 5 sedan. Above the Precept Concept.
As you can see, the production model is a bit taller and narrower than the concept. But I think it still looks great.
And could probably be pretty successful against the aging Tesla Modle S. And other luxury ICE sedans as well.
We should see the Polestar 5 on the road in 2024.


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