Toyota Compact Cruiser EV: new photos…

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The electric Compact Cruiser was part of all these crazy EV concepts Toyota showed us last year. 

And it was one of the most popular designs presented. Reminding us of the FJ Cruiser.
It would look like a no-brainer. A trucky-looking compact electric off-road truck seems like it would be an instant hit. If ever produced…
So far, we’ve seen prototypes of the EV sedan driving around. But not much else from all these concepts.
This one really needs to move forward…

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  1. 100% yes. This is right up there with obvious vehicles like the Corolla Cross. You just know it would be a hit. They could tone down the cartoonish look a little bit. Why does every compact vehicle have to look like a child's toy?

  2. Who in their right mind would take ELECTRIC vehicle off-roading? The maximum amount of off-roading I see of this vehicle is some dude in skinny jeans driving over speed bumps at Neiman Marcus parking lot.
    Give it internal combustion engine + manual transmission, then we can sit down and talk.

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