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The e34 is a small EV launched by WinFast late last year in its home market of Vietnam. A reader just sent me these photos of a prototype taken in Michigan.
As you can see, it is the exact same car as the one in the official shots.
It looks OK. A bit bloated and boring like the larger VF8.
Interestingly, the VF8 used to be called the e35. This new e34 retains the old naming convention. They don’t call it the VF 4 (At least not outside of the US) …

The 3 SUVs above are the ones VinFast claims will be sold in the US after the launch of the VF8 and larger VF9.
They all adopt the new names. As VF7, VF6, and VF5.
I just wonder why the e34 was caught testing in the US? And why they never showed it.
Maybe it will be a VF4 in our market? All three above aren’t out yet. And their designs look much more modern than VinFast previous models like the e34 and e35 (now VF8)
I guess this could compete in the low-end EV market against the Chevrolet Bolt. 
It would have to be really cheap since VinFast makes you lease the batteries on top of the price of the car. (something that could be their downfall in the US)
And the e34 is rated at only 190 miles in the local test cycle. Which means probably even less by the EPA.
Again, unless they cal sell this for about $20 000 or less, it’ll have a lot of trouble competing with the Bolt in the US. (Although that cute little VF5 with a 250 miles battery could be really cool)
Good luck.
(Thanks to Emiliano for the pix!)


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  1. the VF6 looks fun….the VF7 seems like it would pull the uppity people… the boogie ppl like Nissan Murano fans.

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