2023 Ford Escape: new spy shots…

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No camouflage, and no surprises.
The 2023 Escape is getting a few changes. Changes only current owners will notice.
This could be a tough fight against the new 2023 Honda CR-V. But also the Nissan Rogue, RAV-4, and all others.
It’s an OK-looking crossover. Just like the current one. But somehow, not that popular. 
But with just over 145 000 sold last year, it’s not a huge hit. This is less than half what they sold in 2017. It’s been going down ever since.
These numbers are of course far less than the RAV-4 and CR-V. But also much less than the new Rogue Which sold over 285 000 units last year. 
Not sure a new front end will turn things around…


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  1. It's not a hit because the greenhouse is nothing earth shattering compared to the competition. That's why the Sportage right now was Kia's best selling model in June. Because of the earth shattering greenhouse

  2. Wow. They really went ALL OUT (and I mean, not at all).
    Everything that was wrong with the original, is still here – the face just looks 20 years old now. I always thought the primary problem with the new Escape was the sculptured side doors, relative to that wide face. They tried to fix the face by dialing the time machine back to Y2K. But, the problem remains, like a model that sucks her cheeks in excessively to show her cheekbones. Its just wrong now on two fronts. Just when they had the opportunity to clean this up, make it more trucky and more modern at the same time. More pixxed away efforts by Ford.

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