2023/24 Hyundai Kona: a look inside…

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 We’ve seen spy shots of the next-generation Hyundai Kona before. But this is the first time I see one of the interior. And it looks like quite an improvement over the current one.

The current generation interior never looked great, even when new. Of course, we can’t see much in this photo, but it’s already looking much more modern in there.  Which will be a welcome improvement.

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  1. The steering wheel looks like it came off the new LR Defender.
    This vehicle with the EV setup is said to have AWD and perhaps even a normal sunroof. It will be the less expensive alternative to the brand's IONIQ 5 and 6(the latter is said to have 5o + miles of range due to its slippery backend–0.21Cd). Anyway, if the Kona is over 300 miles, fast charges, and has the aftermentioned features it will be on my shopping list.

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