2023/24 Volvo C60: teaser…

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 Apparently;y, Volvo is thinking of replacing both the S60 sedan and the V60 wagon with a new model called C60. Which could be a raised hatchback sedan. Something similar to the new Peugeot 408 and others in Europe. And the upcoming Toyota Crown in the US and Japan.

Interesting how all of a sudden, this body style is popping out everywhere. I guess it’s a way to keep the sedan alive. Volvo desperately needs something to revive the 60 series. The sedan sold under 12 000 units last year. And only 660 for the wagon! I can see why they’re ready to try something different.

The C60 is rumored to have a standard PHEV powertrain with a full EV model available as well. 

Once all Volvos are EVs, I just wonder what the point of the Polestar brand will be…

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  1. So it will basically be the S60 Cross Country with a hatchback instead of a mail-slot trunk. 🙂

    Geely really shot itself in the foot with the Polestar brand debacle. While the current and future lineup looks great, it would have made much more sense to sell the 1 and 2 as Volvo C90 and S40 EV (and PHEV) models instead, and save the Polestar moniker for higher-performance versions of them. The upcoming 3/4/etc. models look less like Volvos but will be competing directly with Volvo's nearly all EV lineup soon. And now Volvo completely lacks its dedicated performance sub-brand equivalent to BMW M, M-B AMG and Audi RS.

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