2024/25 Alfa Romeo Guilia: new illustration…

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 This actually might or might not be new. (I think I’ve seen it before)

The Giulia is now expected in 2024. And will probably be based on Stelantis’s new STLA EV platform since it will be an EV only. (Which will come in 4 different sizes). That also means the real thing will look very different from this obviously RWD-based illustration above. 

Since Stelantis has obviously no problem with rebadging the exact same car for different brands (like the Alfa Tonale and Dodge Hornet) I would expect the next Guilia to be a rebadged Chrysler Airflow. Also due out in 2024…

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  1. Wouldn't it be the new Charger? It hurts my brain thinking that there will be less differentiation between Alfa Romeos and Dodges today than there was back in the 80s when Chrysler built everything off the K car platform.

  2. Damn, dualing the Giulia with the Airflow and only changing the grille and taillights would legit kill Alfa and Chrysler in one fell swoop. I agree that whatever the new Dodge electric performance car is that they are hyping would make much more sense to share Giulia componentry, but only if there are significant sheetmetal differences.

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