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The new 2023 Buick Envista is a very stylish crossover for the Chinese market. It will fit in between the Encore GS and the Envision. In China, prices will start at the low $20 000s. In the US, the Encore GS starts at around $27 000. While the Envision starts at under $32 000.

A US Envista starting at slightly under $30 000 would have to compete with the popular crowd like the new CR-V or RAV-4. While being more stylish, it is probably not as roomy as the Honda or Toyota.

The interior seems really nice and very modern. This really puts the new CR-V to shame. Except for the missing volume knob. That seems to have been replaced by an annoying touch control between both screens. (And why???)

Not sure if there is room for this in the US Buick lineup. But it is quite promising. 


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  1. a stylish if a bit generic alternative to small SUVs. agree with you on volume knob, it's a must! Especially for teen or older drivers, the touchscreen everything is too distracting.

    don't like the new buick logo, it just looks weird without the circle around the 3 shields

  2. It's a nice-looking model that should do well in China. However, GM thinks differently in the US about selling more ICE models. There's no chance they will add this to their American lineup.

  3. There is nothing about this vehicle that indicates that it’s a Buick. It could be from almost any other brand. Sure, it looks sporty, but it also seems quite generic.

    I am also not a fan of the new Buick logo. Without the circle, the tri-shield logo looks more like three slash marks. The logo looked much more elegant when it was surrounded by the circle.

    I think Buick has lost its way. I know GM wishes for the brand to appeal to a younger demographic, but will the younger demographic be accepting of a brand that traditionally appealed to the more mature end of the market? I think it’s a huge gamble that might not possibly pay off for the brand.

  4. I'd say US Buick needs a real midsize crossover between the Envision and Enclave more than it needs another small crossover.

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