2023 Mazda CX-70: new spy photo…

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Mazda has released very few new models in the past few years. Sure, we just got the CX-50. Which is specific to North America and based on the CX-30.
And Europe just got the RWD-based CX-60. (above)
The big news will be the CX-70 and CX-90 for our market. All are based on the new RWD platform with an equally new inline 6-cylinder engine. Moving Mazda (aga9n) upmarket.
IMO, the European CX-60 was a bit let down when it came out a few months ago. It looks like a weirdly proportioned CX-5. 
The spy shot on top shows the US CX-70 (Or maybe the CX-90?)
Which Mazda claims will use a wider version of the CX-60. And just like the CX-60, it already looks kind old. I know we can’t see much. And maybe “in the flesh”…
Plus, the whole brand new RWD platform/ new 6-cylinder engine seems like a big giant amount of money thrown in the wrong direction.
No hybrid (Except a Toyota hybrid powertrain coming soon to the CX-50), no PHEV, and no real EV.
An expensive super conservative looking 6 cylinder model seems out of touch with the times. 
It would have been a great idea 10 or 15 years ago…


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  1. "And just like the CX-60, it already looks kind old" – this is clearly a mule, not the production body at all but agreed size-wise this could be the CX-90.

    And what do you mean "no hybrid" or "no PHEV"??? The CX-60 is available as a PHEV. It is the CX-50, which is based on the CX-30, that is getting a toyota hybrid powertrain.

  2. I don't understand who is asking for large, RWD Mazda crossovers in 2024/25. I guess with all the hype EVs get these days it's easy to overlook that the automakers are still developing new gas powered vehicles for the near future.

  3. I'm almost 100% sure that's the CX-90, because of the larger rear quarter window that isn't canted upward at the back. Which unfortunately seems to indicate the two will be nearly identical from the B-pillar forward.

  4. Mazda knows its fighting for its life… its been in that mode since Ford dumped it to die. And it became a real blow when the 3 saw sales declines. BUT, they do know that SUVs are the way to go and this step is necessary since most can't make that leap to EVs immediately anyways. Particularly in this price range. So gas, to gas-electric hybrid, to PHEV, to EV is their path. Just be patient. Their CX5 and CX9 are too close to each other sizewise and too long in the tooth. This change is necessary to get to the next step.

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