2024 Fisker Pear: new teaser…

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Fisker released a new teaser for its compact Pear model.

Showing just a little bit more than before. The whole front end is now visible. A very modern compact car design indeed.

If it actually reaches production (The Ocean isn’t even out yet) it will compete directly against the Chevrolet Bolt in the “under $30 000” EV segment. Although it will still cost almost $5000 more than the base Bolt.

It is scheduled to be built in the US starting in 2024. That means plenty of time to see many, many more teasers…

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  1. Most likely the "$30,000" version will be in very limited numbers with a longer waiting period with lackluster features: front-wheel drive, smaller battery, etc.

    The trim that will be more desirable will be a big increase in price.

    I have a feeling the Chevy Equinox will play the same pricing game.

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