2023 Ferrari Purosangue: more pix…

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The new Ferrari Purodangue “SUV” is powered by a good old V12 with 725HP. Old fashion too is the rear “suicide doors”. There’s also a 7-year maintenance program included. And why not, since:

It costs $400 000! 

This dwarfs other luxury SUVs/Crossovers/Wagons things from other super high-end brands like the $185 000 Aston Martin DBX. The $225 000 Lamborghini Urus. The $160 000 Bentley Bentayga. Even the crazy ugly Rolls Royce Cullinan is cheaper at $348 000!

But do any of these offer that 7-year free maintenance program? Or that “zero outward visibility/sitting in a coffin feeling from the rear seats”?



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  1. This is about as much an SUV as the Chevy Bolt is (remember when the marketing team tried to call the Bolt a crossover?)

  2. I actually really like it, but seriously not worth $400K. Can't wait to see the drive reviews, and find out if it's a real Ferrari. If the V12 and perfect stance is any indication, it will be.

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