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Volvo’s next small EV could be called the EX20 or EX30. They announced today that the CX-90’s electric successor will be called XE-90. So XE-20 or XE30 does make some sense…

A small electric crossover will be key to Volvo’s EV push. In order to keep costs down, the new small Volvo is rumored to be using the same new platform as the new Smart #1 EV.

Volvo does need something cheaper than their $53 000 XC40 Recharge if they want to succeed at being an all-electric company by 2030. Apparently, this is on a fast track and could be unveiled in about a year.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure this will be sold in the US. It will be quite small. And it also will probably be produced in China. Like the Polestar 2 and other Volvo models. Which means it will be left out of the upcoming new federal rebates.


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  1. 1) CX-90s = Mazda

    2) Volvo has a plant in the Carolinas which will eventually build EVs (one day Honda's US plant will do the same) so it could be built here.

  2. Dyslexia is real.

    I'm assuming you mean XE20 or XE30 because the existing ICE models are XC40, XC60 and XC90.

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