2023 Hyundai Grandeur: finally!

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I have to say, this is even better than what I was expecting. Even though we’ve seen spy shots and illustrations of these for a long long time ( I think I was my first one when I was 17) the new 2023 Grandeur truly looks great.

Of course, it is “kind of” a retro design inspired by the original Grandeur model from the ’80s. But the shape and especially some details make this design truly futuristic. It also looks great next to the Hyundai Staria minivan we saw last year. The front end of both models looks very similar.

And that super thin LED rear light just looks fantastic. And makes anything else look old.

Something inside. Where it is again a perfect blend of ultra-modern touches mixed with a retro 80s flair. Just blocky enough to remind potential buyers of the original grandeur.

The new Grandeur will be available with a 1.6 Liter Turbo Hybrid or a V6. Which is nothing futuristic. And a little bit too bad. As this design would have deserved a move back to the US. An EV version of this would have made a fantastic new Ioniq8 sedan over here.

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  1. That is some design! Unfortunately, when prices reach a certain price point people rather have a German vehicle, especially in the sedan market.

  2. I think the steering wheel is part of the whole retro vibe they’ve given the interior.

    What a great-looking car! And just think how sinister it’ll look in black!

    It’s a shame it’s not an EV, but overall I still give this thing 11/10. Bravo.

  3. This is a really nice clean-sheet retro design, though the previous Grandeur (the one we never got as the Azera in the US) was a very nice modern design. The only problem I have with this is the subtle use of Genesis styling touches (rear quarter windows scream GV70, and the slightly dipping to the rear shoulder line resembles GV70/G90) which should stay with Genesis. I hated when the Elantra ended up with a nearly identical greenhouse/rear window design as the Kia K5, why can’t they allow the brands to have unique touches to better differentiate them? At least the new grille/running light stripe and lower headlights seem to be a Hyundai exclusive, now that the Kia Soul lost the double-deck headlights shared with nothing else in their lineup.

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