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2025 GMC Sierra EV Elevation, 2025 GMC Sierra EV AT4, 2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1
Front 3/4 view of the off-road-oriented Sierra EV AT4, which GMC will offer in model year 2025.
Interior shot of the GMC Sierra EV AT4.
Front 3/4 view of Sierra EV Elevation trim, which GMC will offer in model year 2025.
Interior shot of the GMC Sierra EV Elevation.

On top o the $107 000 Denali Edition One for 2024, GMC will offer other versions for the 2025 model year. We know at least two, the ET-4 and Elevation.

You can tell the Elevation will probably be the most affordable of all versions. As the interior doesn’t seem as fancy. Although it’s all a matter of trim. All interiors are basically the same as the Denali. as usual, equipment and various trim details will make a really big difference in price. In general, the Sierra seems more conservative than the Silverado. Inside and out. I think this is more for your classic pickup truck buyer. Like the F-150 EV. The Chevy tries to push the envelope a bit. It doesn’t look as “trucky” with its much softer shape and front end. Which is probably a very good way to market both trucks.

Now, let’s see what RAM will show us soon…

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  1. The Silverado EV looks so much better inside and out. The Front of the Sierra is terrible, and the interior is almost a dead ringer for the Ford Lightening.

  2. Why would I pay the same price for a loaded Sierra EV or Silverado EV as I would for a Hummer EV? The Hummer is over the top ridiculous, but that’s why you are buying it. The other trucks are just…trucks.

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