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Here are a small collection of car videos I’ve been posting over the past month or so.

It’s always interesting to see these new models in action. Since it might take many months before we get to see the in the flesh. Most of the models above could end up being quite popular. Although I really don’t think the $85 000 Polestar 3 will be such a big hit.

The new Mustang will at least populate most rental car lots as soon as it comes out. As usual. The Crosstrek will be the darling of current owners. I think the new Chevrolet Trax could be a huge hit for GM. And so will the Equinox EV. Even if the “around” $30 000 version might not be available right away. Federal incentives will ensure this new EV will be pretty much everywhere. The Honda Prologue and Dodge Hornet are more of a question mark.

The base version of the Dodge at around $30 000 seems like quite a deal and could sell well. But the hybrid model is way overpriced at over $40 000 and will probably find few buyers. It’ll be interesting to see if the Dodge will actually be bad news for its Alfa Romeo clone. Or not…

The Honda Prologue should work for Honda, but who knows? It will face very serious competition from its GM cousins from Chevrolet and Buick. It’ll be interesting to see if traditional Honda buyers will actually like this GM-based and built Honda EV.

As you know, I’ll be going to the Los Angeles Auto Show next month and will hopefully see most of these in person. Which means, more photos and videos!

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