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A reader sent me this picture taken in Europe (I’m being told Belgium)

At first, it does look quite a bit like a Tesla Model Y, but look again. It’s actually quite different. And the body seems a bit wider than the chassis. Once you really start looking at it, it’s all kind of strange.

It does look like a test mule for something. Elon Musk has just mentioned Tesla was working on a smaller and cheaper platform to produce. Which could explain the smaller underpinning of this prototype. And the larger body. But that body is also a bit different than the current Molde Y. Or not???

Unless this is something completely unrelated to Tesla. Even maybe some weirdo homemade stuff, I’ll say it might just be an early test mule for Tesla’s new platform. Which will probably be used for Tesla’s smaller model at first. Then for possible 2nd generations of the Model 3 and Model Y.

Elon Musk predicts the new platform will cost half to produce. And the all-new smaller compact will become so popular it will sell more than all other Tesla models combined. That means an instant best-seller around the world.

Which will probably be true…

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  1. Odd that its being pulled by an old ML. What established organisation would use such an old car in thier fleet? Even a transport company wouldn’t normally keep a car as old as this let alone an actaul manufacturer.

  2. Hmm . . . What to make of the “CH” on the windshield? China? It could be from Ora, BYD, Tesla, etc. The befuddled legacy makers can’t seem to let go of “signature” grilles and slap filled-in plastic replicas on their EVs (poor insecure babies). So, probably not them. (Buick and Toyota in China seem be exceptions.)

  3. Could be the next MB C Class, looking at the presenting door handles. Why think its a Tesla?

  4. It looks a bit like a Lynk & Co / Zeekr, but isn’t anything they’ve shown or made so far.

    The windscreen and glass roof have a definite Tesla feel, but otherwise nothing about the shape suggests it’s one of Elon’s.

    The tow vehicle is interesting. I doubt a manufacturer would use an old ML, but maybe a component supplier would – or perhaps a testing/standards organisation of some sort?

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