2023 Volvo EX90: is this it?

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These photos look like the real thing to me. Showing the production version of the new Volvo EX90 electric SUV. But they could also be amazingly realistic illustrations.

No matter what they are, they’re really showing us what the new Volvo will look like. And are a 100% match for the patent illustrations we have seen before. As mentioned earlier, the design is not a production version of the cool Concept Recharge we saw last year. Which is too bad. Instead, we have a more modern and cleaner version of the XC90 design. Which is actually fine, if not great. At least it will age very gracefully. The EX90 is related to the new Polestar 3 and will be built in the US as well.

Official photos and specs in just a few days. Or before…

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  1. looks great…. but where are the headlights? the thor hammer is supposed to put off enough light to project?

  2. if it has a split tailgate like the X5 still has and the X3 should have retained… would be awesome

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